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Kaye Blum is a freelance writer with (too many to mention) years’ experience as a copywriter, journalist and digital content creator in Melbourne, Sydney, London, Brisbane and Tanglewood. Obviously prone to nomadic tendencies, she currently spends half the year in her hometown – Melbourne – a UNESCO City of Literature; and the other half in Tanglewood, 30 minutes north of beautiful Byron Bay on the east coast of Australia. She frequently travels to major cities for work and research.

Kaye first fell into cyberspace after reading William Gibson’s Neuromancer while completing RMIT’s Professional Writing and Editing course way back in the 90s. Since Gibson’s sci-fi became the internet as we know it, she has worked extensively in the digital realm and continues to enthusiastically embrace the emergence of new platforms for writers – from the internet to the smartphone.

She has a post graduate diploma in Film and Television from VCA (2001) and returned to RMIT in 2010 as a Masters Candidate (Creative Writing and Digital Media), which is currently on hiatus somewhere in the digital ether. However she continues to research the subjects she’s passionate about: writing, technology, film, travel and music – and their creative potential on the convergent media platforms of mobile phones and tablets.

Find out more at kayeblum.com

(c) 2011-13 Kaye Blum. All photos on this blog: (c) 2011-13 Kaye Blum.


Written by Kaye Blum

July 31, 2011 at 2:32 am

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